I am cheating by sharing these pictures. I actually promised to show the final two weddings from last weekend. I just can't resist sharing these. I am always so partial to real images, verses my own photographs. After yesterdays awesome post with the beautiful professional photographs, I just wanted to stay pro today. Besides, these photographs just arrived in the mail, and who can wait to open a present.
 I love this photograph because both of these girls are a Holly Heider Chapple Bride.  Lindsey is the bride in this picture and the Maid of Honor is her sister Courtney. Courtney was my bride last spring.  MOB contacted me as soon as Lindsey was engaged and asked if I would join the team again. This wedding was going to be quite a hike, it was being held at the Poplar Springs Resort .  I just could not resist that kind of loyalty.  The wedding was on Mothers Day weekend this year and the photographs are just a delight.

What fun girls I am so glad they are mine !!!!

Now that is a serious line up.

Oh so Cute !

Just for fun, here is sister Courtney's bouquet from last year.  I loved this bouquet.

It was really fun to get these photographs today.  Honestly, it's like a Christmas present  to receive real pictures.  I love having a record of the big day !!
Thank you Mrs. L for sharing your girls with me.

As for today we have a photo shoot, client consults, lots of flowers to design, plus the other two weddings to post. I also have a little something to share called "Triple S".  And before you know it, it will  be time for " in the cooler". This week is flying by.


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