Guess what happened. I was contacted by In Touch Weekly Magazine for a celebrity wedding story.  As luck would have it, this was the one night that I chose to be a real mother and make dinner.  I did not answer the phone or go to the computer.  It has become my norm to stay connected, just in case. I have been acting as if my computer and links to the outside world are a umbilical cord and I will miss something vital if we disconnect. This is embarrassing to admit, since I am also trying to be a good mother to my seven children.
  At 10:30 I checked into my emails only to find that I had missed this request from In Touch Weekly Magazine.  I know I was doing the right thing by spending time with the family. However, I will admit I am so crushed that I most likely missed this chance.  I have decided for now, I am just going to be happy that all of the right people are watching this florist, house wife, and The Full Bouquet Blog. I guess that alone is very cool.   I knew when I made Amanda this bouquet, just a few short weeks ago, that is was magic. It looks like some other people thought so as well.  Honestly, we are so far out in the country we don't even have cable TV. I have never even seen the show Whose Wedding Is This.   I guess it is pretty amazing that they know who Holly Heider Chapple Flowers is. Not bad, for a home based business, and mother of many. 

It was incredible just to be contacted, so I will just be grateful.

I still have lots to share from the weekend, we have four more weddings to post. All of them incredible and note worthy in their own way. You will love the pictures coming up throughout the day.  It is going to be a very busy day, we have back to back consultations all day long, so we will do our very best.


  • WishLaura Says: (07.28.2009 | 10:11)

    Don’t beat yourself up, Holly! Family always comes first and you’re taking a step in the right direction by allowing yourself a little more of a balance. You’re absolutely right about the people who are reading…undoubtedly they’ll see something else they like and contact you again. Hang in there!

  • Kawania (Kay) Wooten Says: (07.28.2009 | 06:56)

    Holly, I just spent a little time reading through your blog. And I must tell you that you have THE MOST beautiful bouquets.
    Yes. I am officially in LOVE.
    Love & Soul Always, Kay

  • Holly Heider Chapple Says: (07.28.2009 | 10:58)

    Laura and Kawania, Thanks for the kind words and support. I hope we get to work together very soon. We would have a great time.

  • Anonymous Says: (07.29.2009 | 02:22)

    Just a bit of friendly advice – you might not want to post the letters/details editors send you for requests. They might avoid you in the future if they think you are going to blog about it for the world to see.

  • Holly Heider Chapple Says: (07.29.2009 | 10:34)

    Thanks for your reply, Anonymous. I actually asked the editor who contacted me if I could blog about the opportunity. She gave me full permission to do that. I would not have printed the post without her consent. I would happily take any advice you may have – please feel free to email directly at flowers@hollychappleflowers. I work with editors all of the time and I am careful not to step on any toes, but would appreciate your input as I continue to navigate the online space!

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