I thought I would stop and think about family for just a few minutes. We are full throttle back into wedding season and time for the kids is really hard to find.  Here is a little peak at a few of my wonderful children. We did five weddings last weekend and we have four this week but somehow we manage to design beautiful flowers and grow awesome kids. Once again lots of thanks to the awesome husband I married 22 years ago. Everything works because of him.
This picture of baby Grace was taken by my budding photographer Hannah.

Here’s our 2 year old Sam, he thinks the chickens are pets.

Finally, Here is Elijah, four years old, and lovin’ the pool.

  I also got to take a road trip with the girls, Abby and Hannah. They are juniors and sophomores in high school. We went on a trip to check out James Madison University, the first college of many that we have to tour.  Being the multi tasker that I am I also shopped for antique’s for my little booth at On A Whim.  We had a great trip and also got lots of cool stuff for my store.

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