Today we managed to help five different girls with their wedding flowers.  We did everything from providing flowers for my DIY (do it yourself bride), to complete planning this weekend. Every wedding was beautiful and I am so proud of the work we did. Here are some of the photos from  the day. Happy wedding, happy life.

A purple and green bridal bouquet for Brid

Yellow was the color of the day for Allison

Stargazer lily in cascade style for Erin

Kelly had purple hydrangea and white mini calla lily, but her bouquet got out the door before we could take a photograph.  Leanne was designing her own bouquet with just Esperance roses, which are white with a light pink edge. The roses were beautiful so I am sure she had fun working with them.
This was quite a successful day it took 3 teams of designers in 3 different locations. One family designing their own flowers and one family doing a pick up here at 9am and then they were also going to try their hand at designing. I gave them the urns, oasis, and flowers for their tables and they were going to DIY.

  • Vicky @ Event Accomplished Says: (04.27.2009 | 09:38)

    Hi Holly! It was great working with you at Allison’s wedding. You did a fantastic job w/ the floral design. All the arrangements were unique and beautiful! The boutonnieres were my favorite! Hope to work w/ you again soon. All the Best, Vicky

  • Sam Says: (03.14.2010 | 02:48)

    do you know what flowers were in the wedding bouquet for Brid?

  • Addy Says: (07.03.2011 | 01:34)

    A million thanks for ptoinsg this information.

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