When baby Grace was just two weeks old the Regeti’sinvited our family out to their studio in Warrenton to capture some images. It is five weeks later and it is hard to believe how much Grace has already grown. I am so thankful that Amy and Srinu recorded baby Grace in her first days. I feel so blessed to know such a fabulous and talented couple. The whole experience was just wonderful and the studio is so comfortable and inviting. I am blown away by the images they took and I will treasure them always.

This photo is of Riley and baby Grace. Riley was my baby until our family had a growth spurt. We call him the baby of the “original four’.


 Isn’t she just lovely. We think so.

 Evan, baby Elijah and baby Grace

I am so ready to start designing these baby flower baskets for my brides. I think this could be a really big hit. Just think of all the ways I could display a baby. I always love to find new design elements, designing babies should be a breeze for me.

  • Kris Says: (03.26.2009 | 07:52)

    Congratulations!!! I love the baby basket idea.

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