This bouquet was created for my photo shoot with Engaged Magazine. View the professional photos on my website, under photo shoots. This bouquet was actually made at 11:00 PM when we were just to slap happy to go to bed.  I had finished all of the designs for the photo shoot and this bouquet was just in my head and had to be created. When I walked outside in the middle of the night designer Debbie knew I was truly crazy. I explained to her that there was just one more design I had to make. This was a really fun scavenger hunt, with a awesome outcome.  I used green hypericum berry, green bells of Ireland, green camellia leaves,green wheat, green dogs eye euphorbia, several different types of evergreen, silver green lambs ear and for fun a few peacock feathers were added on the side.



Something Blue. This bouquet was created for the same photo shoot. We began with a cluster of light blue hydrangea. We inserted both light and dark blue delphinium, blue muscari, and blue eryngium, also known as thistle. This may be my favorite blue bouquet, its classic but still contemporary and unique.



Yellow calla lily, yellow billy balls, yellow roses,pale yellow stock, white fringed tulips and a element called reindeer wattle from Australia make up this design. I was never a big fan of yellow until I started designing bouquets or weddings in yellow. Today honestly I think it is was one of my favorite color combinations, yellows are warm, happy, unique and simply not over used. Have you considered yellow flowers at your wedding if so I have lots of ideas for you. Simply add bright white, or chartreuse green and it changes yet again to something hardly ever seen at a wedding or event.

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