When I saw the new Bride and Groom magazine published by Washingtonian Magazine in the grocery store, I could hardly contain my excitement. I literally opened up the magazine right there in the aisles of the Shoppers Food Warehouse. I completely ignored the Christmas ham waiting in the shopping cart. Yes, it was Christmas Eve and I had a ton of Chores to do with six kids and a seventh on the way, but I allowed myself this one minute right in the store to see my name included with the best floral designers in the city.  Christmas Eve is also my birthday and this was a awesome present.  This was such a cool, private, moment, to stop and reflect on all that I have and all that this business has accomplished.  I took my few seconds of glee, dried up a little tear and went back to the Christmas shopping. To everyone else in the store I was just a house wife. I am however a house wife who is on the Washingtonians best of list.  Lucky, lucky me.


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